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use your email address. It's only used for and to South Southwark and St George's South Southwark and St George's (SS&S) is a


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If you have an account, your username is your username. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for one here. If you don't have a username, use your email address. It's only used for and to South Southwark and St George's South Southwark and St George's (SS&S) is a voluntary association of eight Catholic churches and other Christian faith groups in the London Borough of Southwark. History The SS&S was established in 1882, when the Church of England parish church of St George in Southwark was closed and the Catholic parish moved to a church at St George's Road in Tulse Hill, where it remains to this day. In 1915, it took control of the Church of the Holy Family and St Mary's, Vauxhall (both located on Camden Road), and it acquired the former parish church of St Mary's, Camberwell in 1936. These four buildings form the core of the SS&S. St Mary's, St George's Road The parish church of SS&S was designed by Frank and Henry Taylor and built between 1872 and 1876. It was consecrated in June 1876. The church is a Grade II* listed building. Holy Family, Camden Road In 1935 the parish of Holy Family was closed and absorbed into the SS&S. The church was designed by O.B. and G.P. Hadfield and built in 1911. It is a Grade II listed building. Camberwell The parish church of the SS&S in Camberwell was designed by J.W. Baillie and built in 1859. It is a Grade II listed building. References External links Category:Religious organizations established in 1882 Category:Catholic organizations established in the 19th century Category:Catholic Church in London Category:Religious buildings and structures in the London Borough of Southwark Category:Churches in Southwark Category:1882 establishments in EnglandDry-cooling the surrounding environment can greatly improve thermal efficiency in liquid cooling systems. Due to the difference in thermal conductivities of air and liquids, circulating coolant within a liquid cooling system will typically experience a temperature drop in the circulating coolant. At the same time, the circulating coolant will receive a heating effect from conduction and convection in the circulating coolant.



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