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Download 2go Version 3.7 For Asha 200 !!LINK!!

Download 2go Version 3.7 For Asha 200

Download 2go Version 3.7 For Asha 200 !!LINK!!

The 4.4.2 is the new version of Autopano Pro/Giga. We have improved the RAW support in Autopano by integrating the lastest version of DCRAW. You can see the list of supported cameras here: DCRAW supported cameras. The lens and camera database has also been updated. See list below.

The 4.4 is the new version of Autopano Pro/Giga. We worked on some nice features especially macOS Sierra 10.12 support and better UX/UI for the control point editor. It comes with a lot of bug fixes. The lens and camera database has also been updated. See list below.

What we did:Seams visual feedback: you can actually see where the anti-ghost algorithm decided to put the seams between images. This visualization of the seams is a great improvement and really helps understand overlapping / moving objects, etc. It is also compatible with our masking markers ( green / red ). Working in the mask editor is improved now.Stability of anti-ghost decisions: in previous versions, it could happen that the decision taken by the antighost algorithm in the editor, was not the same as the one taken during the rendering. This was not acceptable anymore if you have a visual feedback on seams. The problem with having the same decision is that a render is needed for the whole panorama before we can display anything on the screen ( even if the editor is opened on just a small part of the panorama. The whole panorama influences the antighost, not just the displayed zone ).So, even if it means an initial, global slow down of the preview at first, we decided to do a quick render of the global panorama when opening the mask editor so we can guarantee to display the real seam locations.You can also notice that when zooming into the realtime preview, the seams will refine themselves depending on the zoom factor, but they won't change location anymore.With these 2 improvements to the anti-ghost system, managing ghosts is really better. And we think that it is way faster than painting into input images. We were asked several times to add that feature. But with these improvements, we are waiting for feedback to see, if it is still considered needed or not.

This final release of the new Autopano Pro / Giga engine in version 3.5 is a major upgrade of internal parts in autopano stitching engine. It raises the quality of stitching in several areas and you should see the difference.

Since the stable release, we getting some new reports about some issue found in some cases. We continue to stabilize everything in these rare cases and we are pretty confident about having now a really stable version. Among the fixes, some of them needs some explaination:

- 0000545: [Shell Integration] Why did the glibc changed between app release version - confirmed. - 0000633: [Cortex ( rendu )] Thread priority in Rendering - resolved. - 0000636: [Qt] Linux 32 version display problem - resolved. - 0000638: [Cortex ( rendu )] Batch renderer improvement - resolved. - 0000618: [UI behavior] Missing columns in layers editor (yaw, pitch, roll, fov) - resolved. - 0000628: [Synapse ( detection )] Group header "detection done" not send to the right group - resolved. - 0000627: [Import plugins] Anti-haze issue- resolved. - 0000632: [Shell Integration] Autopano in Arabic - resolved. - 0000630: [Cortex ( rendu )] render preview is too small - resolved. - 0000624: [Unclassified] Update manager doesn't work ( URL decoding ) - resolved. - 0000569: [Performance] GPU test crash - closed. - 0000583: [Shell Integration] Direct crash when using shorcut on desktop - closed. Waiting for user feedback : - 0000634: [Shell Integration] Linux uninstallation issue (ygilquin) - feedback. - 0000617: [Shell Integration] Opensuse 11.2 support (ygilquin) - feedback. 153554b96e

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