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El Viaje Perdido In English Translation

El viaje perdido: A Spanish Novel Translated into English

El viaje perdido, or The Lost Journey, is a novel by Carlos Villanes Cairo that tells the story of two American teenagers who get lost in Puerto Rico during a cruise. The novel is written in simple Spanish and is suitable for beginner and intermediate learners of the language. It is also available in English translation for those who want to compare and contrast the two versions.

el viaje perdido in english translation

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In this article, we will explore the plot, characters, themes, and vocabulary of El viaje perdido, as well as some tips on how to read and understand the original Spanish text. We will also provide some links to online resources where you can find more information about the novel and its author.

The Plot of El viaje perdido

The novel begins with Carlos and Jaime, two friends from Ohio who are on a cruise to Puerto Rico. They are bored with the activities on the ship and decide to sneak out and explore San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. However, they soon realize that they have missed the departure time of the ship and are stranded in a foreign country.

They try to find a way back to the ship, but they encounter many obstacles and dangers along the way. They meet Alicia, a friendly Puerto Rican girl who helps them out. They also learn about the history, culture, and geography of Puerto Rico as they visit different places such as El Morro, El Yunque, and Vieques. They also face some challenges such as getting robbed, getting lost in the rainforest, and getting arrested by the police.

Throughout their adventure, Carlos and Jaime grow as characters and as friends. They learn to appreciate each others strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own. They also learn to respect and enjoy the diversity of Puerto Rico and its people. They realize that their journey was not a mistake, but an opportunity to discover a new world.

The Characters of El viaje perdido

The main characters of El viaje perdido are Carlos and Jaime, two American teenagers who are very different from each other. Carlos is tall, strong, athletic, and confident. He likes to take risks and have fun. He is also impulsive, reckless, and sometimes arrogant. Jaime is short, skinny, smart, and cautious. He likes to plan ahead and follow rules. He is also shy, nervous, and sometimes insecure.

The secondary character of El viaje perdido is Alicia, a Puerto Rican girl who befriends Carlos and Jaime. She is friendly, helpful, cheerful, and adventurous. She knows a lot about Puerto Rico and its culture. She acts as a guide and a translator for Carlos and Jaime. She also helps them out of trouble several times.

There are also some minor characters in El viaje perdido who play important roles in the plot. For example, there are Pedro and Luisa, two thieves who rob Carlos and Jaime; Miguel Angel, a taxi driver who takes them to El Yunque; Don Pepe, a farmer who lets them stay at his house; Rafaela, Don Pepes daughter who likes Jaime; Officer Rodriguez, a policeman who arrests them; and Captain Garcia, a navy officer who helps them get back to their ship.

The Themes of El viaje perdido

El viaje perdido explores several themes that are relevant for young readers. Some of these themes are:

  • Friendship: The novel shows how Carlos and Jaime develop a stronger bond as friends through their shared experience. They learn to trust each other, support each other, and accept each others differences.

  • Culture: The novel introduces the readers to the rich and diverse culture of Puerto Rico. It highlights its history, language, music, food, art, literature, religion, politics, and environment.

  • Adventure: The novel portrays the excitement and thrill of exploring a new place. It also shows the challenges and dangers that come with it.

  • Growth: The novel depicts how Carlos and Jaime grow as individuals through their journey. They learn new skills, gain new perspectives, overcome their fears, and discover their potential.


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